Makeup Storage

My makeup collection has always been in a mess. They were all always chucked away into one big makeup pouch and they never really were sorted and placed where I could look at them easily. I recently was at Harbourfront Centre just getting myself some beef noodles for dinner and I walked by this store which had a clearing out sale. Naturally, I decided to pop in and take a look. They had sales going from 40% – 60% off and they had all sorts off storage stuff going on there and I saw these wire mesh baskets/trays and I just HAD to get one of each!

hey only had 2 more of these left so I’m pretty lucky I got one. I thought it was the perfect size for my vanity and it had just enough compartments to place all(almost) my different makeup items. I wanted to get one for my makeup brushes as well but I love my purple glittery jar too much to not use it (the one at the top right hand corner of the picture)

This second little mesh basket is where I store all my skin care products which I use daily. I love how it looks, especially with the handle which makes it so convenient for me to pull out of my closet when I need them. They’re pretty simple and I think they’re a great accent to my orange-ish, woody background of a room.

These 2 cost me less than $20! Quite a bargain if you ask me.

I plan to go look for a drawer. Maybe from Ikea. I currently share my vanity with Crystal because I don’t have a space to store all of my products and beauty stuff in my room. Hopefully I find one that’s perfect!


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